Below you will find forms, permits and city ordinances. If you can not find what you are looking for, please contact the Mayor’s office at 260-248-5111

New City Ordinances & Resolutions


Resolution 2024-1 Downtown Revitalization Plan


Ordinance 2023-23 Fire Inspection Reports
Ordinance 2023-22 Farm Credit Rezone
Ordinance 2023-21 2024 Elected Officials Salary
Ordinance 2023-20 Salary & Benefit 
Ordinance 2023-18 Rezone Timbers Edge
Ordinance 2023-17 Resolution For Appropriations and Tax Rates
Ordinance 2023-16 Alley Vacate 325 North Elm St
Ordinance 2023-15 Repair to Streets and Alleys
Ordinance 2023-14 Golf Cart Amendment
Ordinance 2023-12 Food and Beverage Tax
Ordinance 2023-11 Driving Cards
Ordinance 2023-10 Supplement to Code
Ordinance 2023-9 Rezone KRJ Property
Ordinance 2023-8: Stormwater rates
Ordinance 2023-7: Sewer rates
Ordinance 2023-6: Water rates
Ordinance 2023-5: Electric rates
Ordinance 2023-4 Board of Works Amendment
Resolution 2023-3 Resolution of support for a Food and Beverage Tax for the Funding of Eagle Park
Ordinance 2023-2 Dye Property Annexation
Ordinance 2023-1 Establishing OPIOD Fund


Ordinance 2022-3: Council Redistricting
Ordinance 2022-4: Annexation Parcels in Morsches Park
Ordinance 2022-7: Repeal Peak Management
Ordinance 2022-8: Traffic Schedule Cambridge Crossings
Ordinance 2022-9: Electric Interconnection Standards
Ordinance 2022-10 Farmer’s Market
Ordinance 2022-11 Rezone – Custom Home Designs
Ordinance 2022-12 Vacate K&HC Properties
Ordinance 2022-13: Operation of golf carts and certain utility task vehicles on City street
Ordinance 2022-14: Electric rate decrease
Ordinance 2022-15: Water rate decrease
Ordinance 2022-16 Supplement to Code
Ordinance 2022-18 Purchasing
Ordinance 2022-20 Abatement Costs
Ordinance 2022-21 Planning and Bldg Dept Fees
Ordinance 2022-24 Arts Commission
Ordinance 2022-27 Rezone A. Shively & Co
Ordinance 2022-28 Rezone Otis Bowen

Resolution 2022-05 Business Personal Property
Resolution 2022-33 Future Land Use Map