The Office of Mayor Ryan L. Daniel works as the bridge between City Government and the Residents/Businesses of the City of Columbia City. While Indiana State Code lays out the requirements of the Mayor, his responsibilities are much more numerous and broad. The Mayor is a voting member of the City’s three-member Board of Public Works and Safety, and presides over the Columbia City Common Council (City Council). He produces and manages a yearly budget, gives informational speeches to citizen groups, develops plans and manages public projects, convenes stakeholders on key issues, advocates on behalf of the City to legislators and visitors, and oversees all Departments, except City Utilities/Collections – which are managed by the Clerk-Treasurer. The Mayor is a directly-elected representative of the citizens of Columbia City and is elected to a four-year term on the municipal election year, preceding the Presidential Election.

The Mayor’s Executive Assistant oversees a variety of tasks including City trash pickup, City junk cleanup, press releases, scheduling, the quarterly City Scene newsletter, and the city’s social media pages. She assists with the Mayor’s Youth Council, Columbia City Redevelopment Commission, the city’s Wellness Committee, and the city’s 50/50 Sidewalk Program. His assistant is also a member of the Rotary Club, creates marketing materials, and notarizes documents for the mayor’s office.

Regular Office Hours are Monday through Friday, from 7:30am-4:00pm.
To contact the Mayor’s Office or schedule an appointment: By Phone: 260-248-5111

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