Limb Pick-up:

Limbs and brush are picked up one week each month from April through October. This is for residents only. Limbs should be placed in front of the resident’s home, near the curb and should be put out by 7am on the Monday of the week of pick-up. There is only one pass of each neighborhood per month. Please check local papers for schedules and regulations. Click here for more information.

Greenhill Cemetery:

Cost $300 per lot. $450 grave open and close fee. (weekends and holidays $600). Call the City Clerk-Treasurer for more details at 260-248-5100.

Citywide Clean-up:

Citywide Clean Up Days are typically held in the spring for City residents only. During the specified days, residents can discard unwanted debris and materials that would not otherwise fit inside the normal trash tote. Items must be curbside the night prior to pick up and some restrictions may apply. This service is provided at no additional charge. Please check local papers for schedules and regulations.

Leaf Pick-up:

Leaf pickup for city residents begins when most of the leaves have fallen from the trees (typically in October). Leaves should not be bagged, but rather should be raked up to the curb or sidewalk (never in the street). In early spring of the following year, the leaves are turned into free mulch for the public to take on a first come, first serve basis.

Snow Removal:

All City Streets are plowed first, followed by the alley ways. Citizens are asked to please remove vehicles from the streets in anticipation of snow events to allow for curb-to-curb plowing. A salt and sand mixture is applied to intersections only, and sand is applied to alleys as needed. Citizens are required by ordinance to remove snow and ice from sidewalks within 24 hours of each weather occurrence. It is recommended that residents allow the snow plows to pass prior to cleaning sidewalks as they may become snow covered. Residents are prohibited from throwing or plowing snow back into the street.

Downtown Parking:

Many of the Downtown parking spaces are controlled by a two-hour time limit. This two-hour limit is designed to help retailers and service-oriented businesses maintain parking spaces for customers. There is a $10.00 charge for each parking violation if paid within 13 days at the Utility Office on the first floor of City Hall. On the 14th day, the fine is increased to $35.00 and payable at the City Attorney’s Office at 116 North Chauncey Street in Columbia City. It is the responsibility of the driver to be familiar with which spaces fall under the time limit.

Mosquito Briquettes:

During spring and summer months, when mosquitoes are prevalent, the city’s Street/Sewer Department will place mosquito larvacide briquettes in the catch basins and retention ponds throughout the City. The Larvacide helps kill mosquito larvae and works to keep the population at a minimum. Residents can purchase their own larvacide briquettes at the Utility Office on the first floor of City Hall for $1 per briquette.