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Downtown Columbia City Saturday 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.
Parkview Hospital Parking Lot Wednesday 3pm to 6:30pm

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Columbia City’s Leaf Pickup Begins

The Columbia City’s Street Department is announcing that their annual leaf pickup will begin on Monday October 25, 2021. The crews will be following the same routes as last year. The City has two (2) leaf vacuums. The City will be divided in half, down Main Street, with one machine and a crew on each half working at the same time. This leaf pickup is curbside only. Our vacuum equipment will not fit in the alleys.

This is “one pass only” per week for seven weeks. The Street Department asks that you have your leaves raked and ready before the Monday of each week. Please rake leaves up to the curb, not into the street. Leaves in the street cause many problems in bad weather plugging storm sewers. This pickup is specifically for leaves, so please do not put limbs on the leaf piles. (Limb pick up will be done for the year after the week of October 4th.)

If possible try not to have cars parked in front of the leaf piles, as it hinders our ability to pick them up. Leaves will not be raked from behind parked cars due to time restraints, so the crews can get through the city each week.

Remember these same leaves will be ground into mulch next spring, which will be available for residents to get for free. Thank you for helping us make this year’s leaf pickup a success.

Snow Removal

As the winter season approaches us again, we would like to inform our community of some snow removal procedures and ways you can help this year.

For after hour snow events, the Police department will contact us when they feel it is necessary for us to come in and plow or put material down on slick roads.

Anytime we get a 3” snow or more, the street department will pile snow in the downtown area to help with business parking. The piles will usually be hauled away with in three days of the event. We will also plow alleys when we get a 3” snow or more, after the streets have been cleared.

Snow in cul-de-sacs will be plowed to the center of the cul-de-sacs on heavier snow events until all the streets are cleared, the snow will then be removed from the center and piled behind the curbs.

Removing your vehicles and trash containers from the streets and cul-de-sacs would be helpful before or during snow events. This will allow us to plow up next to the curbs or the edge of the streets. Also please do not shovel or blow snow into the streets from sidewalks or driveways.

We as a department strive to keep our community safe during the winter season; we appreciate your help in making this a safe snow removal season.

Kelly Cearbaugh
Street Superintendent

CCHS Property Master Plan

  • Columbia City will receive the 56 acre high school property.
  • The site includes: athletic fields, parking areas, wooded acreage, two
    existing buildings to remain, and utility infrastructure.
  • It is anticipated that the school corporation will begin removal of the
    High School Building after the 2019-2020 school year.
  •  Click here to view the Master Plan.

“Thank you for checking out our community! Whether you’re seeking a career change or a safe place to raise your family, Columbia City is the place you are looking for. We hope to speak with you soon about the opportunities that await you in Columbia City”
Mayor Ryan Daniel

Visit Downtown CC

Since 1888, Columbia City has stood strong as the center point for commerce and family life in Whitley County. Historic homes and brick streets blend into the downtown corridor with unique shops and businesses for residents and visitors alike.

Scenes from Columbia City

3 reasons to love Columbia City

Whether you are moving into a new home or just stopping by for a cup of joe at Brewha, the City and its residents welcome you with smiling faces and open hands. This safe, hospitable community has grown tremendously over the past 20 years and they aren’t done yet! Enjoy the small town safety and affordability with the accessibility and convenience of big city amenities. With the Orthopedics Capital of the World nearby and the expanding defense and agricultural industries of Northeast Indiana, workers are needed to fill new and expanding companies. We know life is better together, so come be a part of our growing community!

  • Safe Community of friends

    Recently ranked as one of the Top 20 Safest Communities in Indiana, Columbia City prides itself on being a safe and attractive community for individuals and families. Firefighters, Police, and Dispatchers continually work along-side residents to enhance the safety of neighborhoods through proactive programs and practices.

  • There is a Home Waiting for You

    With a diverse housing stock and available lots, there’s a place for you in Columbia City. A quick look around the community will reveal a house of all shapes and sizes just waiting for a family to make it a home. Various available lots hold a world of potential where you can build the home of your dreams. With downtown revitalization, new career opportunities and a great quality of life, you’ll want to be planted at the heart of Whitley County!

  • Conveniently Close to Everything

    Columbia City is strategically located less than 20 miles from Fort Wayne, Warsaw, Fort Wayne International Airport and more than 1200 regional shops and businesses. Within a 600 mile radius is over 50% of all the Nation’s consumer base. That means less shipping time and costs for your business. But, Columbia City is not all about work. Nearby lakes beckon you to relax and enjoy your weekends. Small town eateries will delight your taste buds. And, a friendly conversation is waiting at every corner.