We have 8 parks 5+ youth sports leagues 5+ miles of trails 6 tennis courts 3 pickleball courts a skate park 7 baseball/softball fields

  • Park Main Office Addresses

    Park Main Office address: 400 N Whitley Street Columbia City, IN 46725

    Morsches Park Enclosed Pavilion Address: 300 Morsches Park Dr. Columbia City, IN 46725

    Morsches Park Baseball/Softball Fields 1-4 Address: 500 Morsches Park Dr. Columbia City, IN 46725

  • Park Main Office Phone Number


  • Morsches Park

    Morsches Park is the Parks Department’s main recreational area and is the location of most of our sponsored activities. Located on the west side of Columbia City, it is bounded by the Blue River on the east, and the City’s Corporate Limits on the West. The Park’s only entrance comes off of West Van Buren Street. Morsches Park is approximately 130 acres in size.

  • Fields and Activities at Morsches Park

    Morsches Park offers a variety of team-oriented recreational activities including baseball, softball, and basketball.

  • Playground at Morsches Park

  • Open Air Pavilion at Morsches Park

  • Pond At Morsches Park

  • Blue River Trail Head

    The Blue River Trail Head is located across from Kenneth Wright Park on South Whitley Street near Hanna Street, right next to the Fire Museum.

  • Blue River Trail

    The Blue River trail follows the Blue River from the Trail head all the way through Morsches Park.

  • Kenneth Wright Park

    Kenneth Wright Park is located on the south side of the City on South Whitley Street near Hanna Street. Kenny Park is approximately 3 acres and has a pathway leading around the park for easy access. There is basketball court and playground equipment. A flower garden planted on the street side of the park by Whitley County Master Gardeners.

  • Mayor Park

    Mayor Park was dedicated to Mayor Teghtmeyer and Mayor Zickgraf. Both mayors were very instrumental in getting this land for a city park. Mayor Park is located on North Columbia Parkway on the west side of the city and is basically a small park for local residents to relax.

  • Patriotic Park

    Patriotic Park, formerly known as Northside Park, is a neighborhood park located on the north side of Columbia City on Reddick Avenue. It is also known as the City Water Tower Lot. The park is about a city block in size and primarily serves nearby neighborhoods with unorganized activity with its basketball court, picnic tables and playground.

  • Patriotic Park Playground

    Users of the Patriotic Park are primarily young children and teenagers. This is a great park to have a quiet picnic or sit under a tree reading a book.

  • DeVol Field

    DeVol Field is located just west of Downtown on the south side of Van Buren Street. It has 9 acres and is adjacent to Every Kids Dreamland.

  • Every Kids Dreamland

    Every Kids Dreamland is located just west of Downtown on the North side of Van Buren Street and is approximately 2 acres in size.

  • Playground at Every Kid’s Dreamland

Hiking & Biking Trails

The Blue River Trail currently begins at Whitley Street next to the Fire Museum, continues past the YMCA and on into Morsches Park. The total length of the trial is approximately 4.6 miles if you begin at Whitley Street, travel around the pond at Morsches Park, and head back to Whitley Street. The expansion was completed spring 2013. It was expanded from Morsches Park to DeMoney & Grimes Funeral home which added .8 miles to the current trails. There is a new bridge added over the Blue River and all the steel was donated by Steel Dynamics Industry.

The Mountain bike trail is 7 miles or more of minimally groomed tight winding single-track. The official trailhead is located at the maintenance barn parking lot near the park entrance; this is where the trail starts and ends. This trail was designed for the off-road cyclist but also serves as a local training trail for runners and recreational hikers.

Children/Youth Sports Leagues

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