2022 Goals for the Stingrays Swim Team

Show Kindness and Respect

Swim is such a friendly, yet competitive support. As a program we should strive to be known as a respectful team. This means, respect all facilities and their rules. As well, respect every swimmer, official and parent regardless of whether or not they are apart of our program.

Attend Meets

There is no better way to test progress then to full out race, there is no better place to race then meets. We hope to have our swimmers attend meets for two reasons. One, this is the best place to see all of their hard work in the early morning practices pay off. Two, swim meets are a great time to spend time cheering on your teammates, as well as have fun with your friends.

Place well at City Championships

Coming off a great finish at City in the 2021 season, we hope to have an even better one this year. Going to early morning practices will all be worth it when the team has a good final championship meet.

Most Importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

Lastly, and most importantly we want all of our swimmers to have a fun and enjoyable summer. Both coaches remember how fun summer swim was when they are younger, and wish every swimmer has the same experience they did. As coaches, we will push you hard, but we will also make sure you have so much fun!!


Head Coach – Lindsey Hoskins

Email: lindsey.hoskins01@gmail.com

Lindsey Hoskins will step up from previous years as Assistant Coach to take over the Columbia City Swim Team this summer (2022). As an Assistant Coach for the program in 2021, Lindsey impacted many young swimmers. She helped lead the team to an amazing finish at the 2021 City Championships. As a Head Coach she hopes to lead the team to an even better finish this year. Lindsey herself was a swimmer for many years, swam during her high school days at Columbia City High School. After high school, Lindsey went on to swim two more years at Hanover College, a team that competes in the  D3 in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. Lindsey has been a part of two record breaking relay teams. For Columbia City her team broke the record in the 400 yard freestyle relay, and at Hanover College her team broke the record in the 800 yard freestyle relay. Coach Lindsey also led her team at Columbia City as captain her senior year. Outside of the water Lindsey received accolades for her academics including The Tim Bohlsen Academic All HCAC award.


Assistant Coach – Elaina Halferty

Elaina Halferty is a first year assistant coach for the summer 2022. Elaina swam for Columbia City through her childhood, and competed for Columbia City High School. She currently is a part of the swim and dive team, as well as the Women’s soccer team at Manchester University, a team that competes in the D3 Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. Elaina currently sits at 9th all time in the Women’s 100 yard Breaststroke at Manchester, as well as 3rd in the Women’s 1 Meter Diving.


Assistant Coach – Max Joseph

Maxwell Joseph is a first year assistant coach for the summer. Max swam for Columbia City through his childhood. In his High School career Maxwell found success in many events. He currently holds the record for the Men’s 100 Yard Breaststroke at Columbia City High School. He also was a part of a record breaking 200 Medley Relay team at Columbia City High School. Maxwell’s success didn’t stop at high school, during his multiple club seasons he was able to set many records for the Whitley County Rapids Swim Team. Maxwell is also a YMCA Individual State Champion. Aside from his many successes, Maxwell is also a coach for a Northeast Indiana Regional mountain bike team. Maxwell is a breaststroke specialist.