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Thomas Marshall Plaza

The Thomas Marshall Plaza will encompass the entire 21×88 lot. It will have a paver sidewalk through the park with three paver patio areas. Four teakwood planter boxes will span the property line adjacent to the alley to prevent cars from driving into the park. Flowering plants, shrubs and trees will provide a lush and attractive surrounding (see attachment TMP rendering). The requested $9,341 Downtown Enhancement Grant funds will be used toward the construction and installation of the park. In addition, a $10,500 grant has been committed from the Community Foundation of Whitley County for the construction and installation of the park. Three Birds Casual, a local outdoor furniture company, has committed $13,248 in-kind of teakwood furniture pieces including two benches, two square dining tables, eight armchairs, and four planter boxes. Fahl Colors, a local landscape company, has committed &750 in-kind for design, labor and materials. Columbia City has committed a $2,000 contribution for construction and grant administration.

Thomas Marshall, a lawyer from Columbia City, was most famously the 28th Vice President of the United States under Woodrow Wilson. He was also the Indiana governor who ended child labor in Indiana and a friend of the Gates family – the original developers of the ‘Alice’ building.

Burnworth Pool To Open In 2016 - But With No Heat

The Columbia City Park Board decided at a recent Park Board meeting to repair a leak at Burnworth Pool, and reopen for the summer 2016 season. The unfortunate news is that the current boiler/heater at the pool is out of commission. The State Boiler Inspector inspected the boiler in September and required that it be disconnected due to many faults, including internal fires that had at some point been present inside the boiler. The cost of replacing the boiler was quoted for $17,000. The Park Board decided that it wasn’t worth that investment since the plan was to only keep Burnworth open for one more season. The good news is that the pool will be open for the 2016 season. The bad news is that unless it is a very hot summer, the water may be a little cooler than normal.

Columbia City Utilities to offer new service!

Columbia City Utilities will soon be implementing an exciting new service that will allow our customers to receive, view and pay bills online.  If you are interested in paperless billing please send your name (as it appears on your utility bill), account number, phone number and preferred email address to


Visit Downtown CC

Since 1888, Columbia City has stood strong as the center point for commerce and family life in Whitley County. Historic homes and brick streets blend into the downtown corridor with unique shops and businesses for residents and visitors alike.

Scenes from Columbia City

3 reasons to love Columbia City

Whether you are moving into a new home or just stopping by for a cup of joe at Brewha, the City and its residents welcome you with smiling faces and open hands. This safe, hospitable community has grown tremendously over the past 20 years and they aren’t done yet! Enjoy the small town safety and affordability with the accessibility and convenience of big city amenities. With the Orthopedics Capital of the World nearby and the expanding defense and agricultural industries of Northeast Indiana, workers are needed to fill new and expanding companies. We know life is better together, so come be a part of our growing community!

  • Safe Community of friends

    Recently ranked as one of the Top 20 Safest Communities in Indiana, Columbia City prides itself on being a safe and attractive community for individuals and families. Firefighters, Police, and Dispatchers continually work along-side residents to enhance the safety of neighborhoods through proactive programs and practices.

  • There is a Home Waiting for You

    With a diverse housing stock and available lots, there’s a place for you in Columbia City. A quick look around the community will reveal a house of all shapes and sizes just waiting for a family to make it a home. Various available lots hold a world of potential where you can build the home of your dreams. With downtown revitalization, new career opportunities and a great quality of life, you’ll want to be planted at the heart of Whitley County!

  • Conveniently Close to Everything

    Columbia City is strategically located less than 20 miles from Fort Wayne, Warsaw, Fort Wayne International Airport and more than 1200 regional shops and businesses. Within a 600 mile radius is over 50% of all the Nation’s consumer base. That means less shipping time and costs for your business. But, Columbia City is not all about work. Nearby lakes beckon you to relax and enjoy your weekends. Small town eateries will delight your taste buds. And, a friendly conversation is waiting at every corner.